June 13-21, 2015 
Laconia Bike Week Celebrates 92 Years

The Strip at Laconia Bike Week

Event Schedule for 2015

To see the events scheduled so far, click here for the master list from the Laconia Motorcycle Rally & Race Week Association.  They are constantly adding information as it becomes available.

Finding a Place to Stay during Laconia Bike Week

With so many people trying to stay in a small area, finding lodging establishments with vacancy is going to be your biggest challenge.  Your best bet is to start calling around in late winter, but keep in mind many of the smaller family owned places are seasonal and may not have someone dependably answering the phones during this time.  The internet is your best friend in this case, as everyone still checks email! 
The Laconia Bike Week Insider maintains a page with links to area hotels and campgrounds that have websites, organized by distance from the center of the action at Weirs Beach.  We've reprinted places within one mile of Weirs Beach.  Be sure to check their full list of bike week lodging.

Within One Mile of Weirs Beach

The above links take you to the businesses Google page, which will have reviews and the link to their site.

Vendor Information

Hundreds of vendors show up at Laconia Bike Week to sell and show off their wares. Most are located at the Drive-In Theater, Lobster Pound and along Lakeside Ave. Others are scattered along route three around Funspot and the Broken Spoke, and as far north at Laconia Harley Davidson in Meredith. Some past vendors include Bear Hollow Boots, Fat Boys, Show Off Ink, Above All Leather, House of Sheesha, Spider’s Promotions, Art Attack, Jim’s French Fries, Ryder Sports, Simply Silver, and Icicles Eyewear.

Tip: The city of Laconia maintains this vendor site location map which shows all places that have received permits to have vendors.  If you're a vendor, this page from the city will explain the process of permitting & finding a location.

Laconia Bike Week Photos & Video

These photos and videos were taken in 2010 and 2011, two years with great weather and great crowds.

Click photo for pics.

Tips on Getting Around

If you've been to the Weirs, you know it's a small area, and it's the place everyone wants to be to enjoy the action and the people-watching. Even with centerline parking and years of tweaking traffic management plans, the end result is of course congestion.   The city of Laconia makes several changes to the flow of traffic, the main points of which are included below.  The first weekend of bike week is now as busy as the second, as more non-biker spectators bring their families to sightsee. 

Tip:  If you're going to be in Meredith or Lakeport, you can take the shuttle train to get to and from the Weirs during the busier parts of the week.  Bike Week Shuttle Train

  • The main strip is Lakeside ave.

  • Parking meters are suspended and the road is one-way, open to bikes only.  No parking from 2-6am.

  • The bridge between Lakeside Ave and Centenary Ave will be closed.

  • Warner street will be one way from Route 3 to Tower Street.

  • No left turns from Tower Street onto Route 3

  • Tower Street is closed approximately 100 feet west of Maple Street.

  • Doe Ave and Warner St. north of its intersection with Tower Street will be closed to through traffic.

  • There will be no parking allowed on the following roads: Ashley Drive, Colonial Rd, Woodvale Drive, Plantation Drive, Rolling Lane, Pine Notch Circle, Summit Avenue, Wentworth Cove Road, Regis Road, McKinley Road and Rollercoaster Road.

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